Here are just few of the more

questionable actions taken

by Justin Holland in Austin.

The Big One - Public Education

FACT: Vouchers are not on the table in the Texas Legislature. This is a false talking point coming from Democrats.

You will hear the words, "PUBLIC MONEY". There is no "public money", only your tax money.

We send representatives to Austin to REPRESENT us and how we want our tax money spent, right?

In 2022, close to 86% of Republicans in Rockwall County voted to show their support for the idea that Texas should empower parents by allowing some of their tax money to fund their children. Source

In fact, as you can see by the votes in 2022, MORE Republican voters in Rockwall County approve of empowering parents and their educational decisions for their children than approve of Justin Holland.

Gov. Abbott called a historic 4th special session of the legislature in the fall of 2023 to get the will of the Republicans in Texas realized.

HB 1 was designed to augment the public school system, not "defund" it.

HB 1 would have provided thousands of dollars in pay raises for teachers, and hundreds of millions of dollars for public schools across Texas, as well as provide for the creation of an Education Savings Account (ESA) that would have benefited lower income children the most.

The ESA's would cover the costs of the below approved education-related expense (to name a few): Source

  • Textbooks / instructional material
  • Fees for classes
  • Tutors
  • Transportation
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Before and after school child care

Justin Holland was instrumental in killing this legislative effort to help the children of Texas offset these costs. Source

Combined, the two school districts in Rockwall County employ roughly 3500 people.

Justin Holland knows this.

His support for public education is anchored to this fact, opposed to a principled belief in the public school system.

So-called "School Choice" is nothing more than a wedge issue being leveraged to court a large voting block, to the detriment of low-income children across Texas.

Grants for Gun Confiscation

The Safer Communities Act allows the Federal Government to issue grants to states that will created so-called Red Flag courts. These courts take guns away from people before they have been convicted of a crime when the court deems there are "red flags" about the person. Source

At face-value, this may seem to make sense. However, when the bill was passed, there was wide spread suspicion the Biden Administration would abuse this, by allowing courts to deny citizens their due process rights. According to Republicans in DC, they already are and have demanded answers from the Justice Department. Source

Rep Briscoe Cain introduced legislation (HB 1894) that would prohibit Texas from receiving Federal money to institute confiscation programs.

Justin Holland walked out of the committee vote on this bill, letting it die. Source

Gun Ownership (Rights vs Privileges)

Justin Holland was one of two Republicans who voted to advance legislation that would prohibit the sale of semi-automatic firearms to those between 18-20.

He defends this action by comparing it to those under 21 not being allowed to buy alcohol or tobacco products.

HERE'S THE PROBLEM - No one has a RIGHT to buy alcohol or tobacco products. This is a massive false equivalency and a tactic Obama used frequently comparing driving a car to gun ownership. Source

Being allowed to drive a car is legally considered a privilege, while being able to "bear arms" is a Constitutional Right. Source

Would his legislation violate the US Constitution? Most likely.

In 2022, a Federal judge struck down the Texas law that forbid those under 21 from carrying a handgun. Source

The Supreme Court case "New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen" set a wide-ranging new precedent that takes in the "historical tradition of firearm regulation" when considering case. Its reasonable to assume there is no "historical tradition of firearm regulation" that prohibits the sale of otherwise lawful firearms to otherwise law-abiding citizens that are considered a legal adult.

Would his legislation violate the Texas Constitution? Absolutely

Article 1, § 23 of the Texas Constitution states: “Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State.."

Justin Holland should not allow left-wing fanatics who massacre people to impair his logical judgment on the above facts and in turn, advocate for sweeping, constitutionally questionable legislation that would deny the rights of law-abiding Texans.

Milage Tax

Republicans in Austin want to use your money to conduct a study on TAXING TEXANS to use the roads we already paid for. Source

Plain and simple, this is a toll for every mile you drive.

Justin Holland voted for HD 3418 Source


Expand the sale of liquor

HB 2200, authored by Justin Holland Source

This bill would allow for the sale of canned liquored-based drinks in grocery and convenience stores across the state.

Casinos in Texas

Justin Holland has voted favorably on multiple occasions legalizing casino gambling and sports betting. Source, Source, Source

This is one to keep an eye on. As we watch the Biden Admin allow our border to be overrun and social issues across the state running rampant, Republicans in Austin are seriously considering legalizing casino gambling in Texas. They will tell you this is at least 10 years off.

Mark Cuban doesn't think so. He has quit his show, Shark Tank (source) and is betting big on gambling coming soon to Texas. Source

Justin Holland has voiced his support for this and received large funding from the gambling industry. Source