Texas is a solid red state, right?

Many think it can never go back to being a Blue State


In Austin, Republicans are


over very important legislative decisions

for our State.

No other state in the nation does this!

But what does that have to do with Justin Holland?

Follow along below

and you will see why

so many are dropping support for

Justin Holland.

Does a liberal Democrat call the balls and strikes in the Texas House of Representatives?


The Parliamentarian calls the balls and strikes in the Texas House. Appointed by the Speaker of the House, the parliamentarian has massive influence over what is allowed to be debated and what can be voted on.

The lawyer for Obama, Hugh Brady was appointed by the Republican Speaker of the House Dade Phelan as your Texas House parliamentarian.



Do Democrats really get to lead powerful legislative committees?


Before a bill can be voted on, it must pass through a committee. The Speaker of the House appoints the leader of each committee. This person is called the Chair. Texas is the only state in the nation that appoints members of the minority party to lead these powerful committees. This means that Democrats are allowed to decide which bills representatives are allowed to vote on.

Guess what, it was the Democrat Parliamentarian himself that stopped an amendment that would have prevented the Speaker of the House from continuing this practice. Source

But Democrats don’t have power on any relevant committee, right?

Democrats lead the following powerful committees: Source

Business & Industry (Dem led + majority members)


Criminal Jurisprudence

Natural Resources

Corrections (Dem led + majority members)

County Affairs

Juvenile Justice & Family Issues


Youth Health & Safety

This is just bipartisanship, right? As Justin Holland says, it takes 100 people to pass legislation?

No, this is giving legislative power to the Democratic Party and no other state in the nation does this.

Justin Holland publicly misleads his constituents when he tells them Republicans need Democrat support to pass bills.

His statement that it takes "100 people to pass legislation" (Republicans & Democrats) plays on the average voter's lack of understanding of the the Texas House works.

It takes 100 House Representatives to form a quorum. Meaning, at least 100 representatives have to show up to start the days work. Source

It only takes a simple majority to pass a bill.

Translation: Democrats are engaged in an extortion scheme. Give them leadership roles on powerful legislative committees, or they break quorum and don't show up for work. And Republicans are doing just that.

The Texas House is made up of a majority of Republicans only because Texas voters want Republican issues and the Republican agenda enacted.

The minority party still can vote yes or no on all bills that come to the floor. They should not have a say on what bills those are.

The Texas House should represent the will of the majority of the voters that elected them. That is representative government.

So what does this have to do with Justin Holland?

As mentioned, it is the Speaker of the House that appoints Democrats to these positions. Justin Holland fully supports the Speaker, the practice of giving power to Democrats and indicated he will vote to keep this practice in place.


Yet what about all the Republican legislation passed?

It is important to read the "Conservative Victories" 101 article referenced above and here. It explains how the Texas House works and why, after 20 years of Republicans running Texas, we are JUST NOW starting to get these done. It is also very important to remember that all of the recent legislation passed only happened after Gov. Abbott made the legislature come back for historic multiple special sessions. In other words, the Governor demanded it.

What about the rest of the Texas Representatives? Texas is led by solid Republicans, right?

View the Texas map here.

The colors are based on the type of votes made by the representative.

Texas doesn't look as solid red as most people think. Very Purple

Could Rockwall County really have a Republican Representative voted in by Democrats

Texas has an open primary process. This means voters can cross-over to another party and vote in their election. Nikki Haley is banking on Democrats to help her narrow the gap against Donald Trump in state primaries across the nation to create a talking point that Trump is not as popular as the polls are indicating.

Justin Holland is banking on Democrats in Rockwall and Collin County to get him elected.

Notice the limited signs around the county? He doesn't need or want the Republican vote.

Without enough of a Republican turnout, Democrats will elect Justin Holland.


Source - (converted to PDF, article was behind paywall)

Republicans from around that nation are moving to Texas. If you know some of these folks, or get a chance to meet some, ask them how FAST a state can turn blue. All Democrats need is a foot in the door to wreak the havoc they are spreading throughout our nation.

And in Austin, Republicans are GIVING them power over very important legislative decisions for our State.

Justin Holland is one of those representatives and he is relying on their vote to give him an election victory.