Why is Justin Holland losing so much support in Rockwall County?

The Lakepointe Church Challenge

From the official state representative Facebook page - click the here to see for yourself

Q: Who are his VOTERS?

A: Here is his list, and ask who is missing. (You are)


The SREC is the statewide board that governs The Republican Party of Texas,

elected by voters at each Republican Party of Texas State Convention.

The above tweet shows a political mindset.

Politics should be from the bottom up, not top down.

The "average Joe" (at the bottom) should decide who's at the top.

"We can win without them"...???

We = big $$$ donors

(doesn't need the Republican Party)

*** 7 months later Justin Holland

issued an apology

only after his opponents called him out on this tweet

Another Never-Trumper

Judging by his own standard, Justin Holland is no longer electable